Ah the inaugural post. In which I am supposed to tempt you to stick around, check back and become loyal readers. All I can really say is: I’m not a professional cook or pastry chef, but I’m pretty passionate about food; I not-so-secretly love to spend time in the kitchen (is it wrong that I consider this a favourite pastime?); and my cookbook cupboard is fairly exploding from all the books I have jammed in there. (One recent — and failed — New Year’s resolution was that I had to cook one recipe out of all my books before I was allowed to buy any new ones.)

This blog is going to be about trusted recipes and experiments. Favourite kitchen appliances or good meals had while on my travels may also make guest appearances.



  1. Gwendolyn, dahlin’! I don’t care if you say your asparagus & goat cheese tart “was not a triumph.” It looks fabulous and I’m going to try it anyway. FĂ©licitations sur le blog, ma chĂ©rie… I’ll be back soon! xx

  2. Gwendolyn,
    I love the idea of your blog! Your photos are very nice- well lit and appetizing. I love guacamole too- and did a post on the fabulous green concoction. Check out my blog where I review cookbooks and talk about cooking with your preschooler: kitchenconfidence.wordpress.com.

  3. I’ve just found your blog via an automated link from mine and it looks fabulous.

    Nothing wrong with wanting to spend time in the kitchen, I love to cook & bake too.

    I’ll definitely keep stopping by, in fact I’ll add you to my blog roll :)

  4. I’m not really sure how I ended up here, but I’m very glad that I did. The Roasted Tomato Soup sounds absolutely divine; I can’t wait to try it. You’re on my blogroll, so I don’t forget to stop by often.

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